This week at LSS – Jan 1

Happy New Year LSS
Hope your holidays have been good. I spent A LOT of time biking and Zooming with friends and family.

We have about four weeks to end quarter 2 – hope you feel rested and ready to get back at it.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.

PAC fund raiser – Bottle collection
This might be the easiest fundraiser you have ever participated in! Take your empty Refundable beverage containers to the bottle depot and drop them off (they sort them and deposit the funds into the PAC account). That is it. Okay, there is a little bit more, but not much:

The only things you need are

  • Large Clear (see-through) plastic bag(s)
  • Refundable items – Friends, Family and Neighbours are great sources of refundable bottles, cans, and boxes
  • Bags should not be too heavy, please split into multiple bags if necessary
  • The school phone number 250 245 3043

The bag label kiosk at the Ladysmith Bottle Depot is inside to the right of the registers. At the kiosk you input the phone number 250 245 3043, confirm that it is Ladysmith Secondary PAC, choose the number of bags you’re depositing and print the labels. Place one label on each bag and deposit in the proper bin.  There is a limit of 6 bags per drop off. – I’ve tried it and it was awesome.

Dates coming up
Jan 4th – School starts back up 😊
Jan 28th – Last day of regular classes for Quarter 2
Jan 29th – Students not in session as staff prepare for Quarter 3
Feb 1st – Quarter 3 starts

See you soon

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Dave Travers
Principal Ladysmith secondary school
250 245-3043

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