Welcome to Land and Language Based Learning at LSS.

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uy’ye’thut ch ‘u’ suw ts’its’uwatul’ ch

(be kind and help each other)

This class is co-taught by yutustanaat and William Taylor.

Please note that for the curriculum is based on traditional Coast Salish teachings and consists of hul’q’umi’num’ together with another course (or courses) chosen in consultation with you and with counsellors to support each student’s educational path. This year, English First Peoples is the default second course.

Our assessment practices are as follows:

  1. Are you present and prepared?
  2. Are you listening?
  3. Can you tell the story back?
  4. Can you identify and add your strengths/gifts to the class work?

We are using the following text this year: Two Houses Half Buried in Sand, Cryer. yutustana:t’s great grandmother is the central storyteller here and we are honoured to receive these teachings.

Our hands on work this year includes Coast Salish weaving (featuring a blanket featuring the Canada Goose symbolizing leadership in reconciliation), Drumming/Singing, and producing a play in hul’q’umi’num’ (the seagull steals the sun).


Here is a paper written by yutustana:t about some of our work.

Coast Salish Weaving LLBL