Cedar drum making

As our students were shown the many uses of cedar, they had the experience of making a drum and using cedar for the rim for their drum.

sht’es kwun’s xte’um tthu kw’uluw’ q’uwut.
How to make a hide drum.
yuw’en’ kwun’s mutqwt tthu kw’uluw’ ‘u ttthu st’at’um’ qa’, sun’iw’ ’u tthu t’umuw’luch.
First you soak the hide in the warm water.
ni’ ch wulh saay’ stuhw shul’akw’ tthun’ kw’uluw’.
You have your hide already cut into a circle.
‘i’ni’ ch tse’thuyt kwthu hwqweetuhw.
And you are going to prepare to put in holes.
st’e kw’ lhuhwulhshe’ ‘i’ kw’yuse’lu kwthu hwqweetuhw tse’.
And it’s going to be 32 holes.

Once the students have used the awl to punch the holes in the hide, they lace it to the drum frame. This is demonstrated by Figure 7 below.

Figure 7 Students wrapping cedar rims

Figure 8 Display of students’ drums

Students are taught to respect all living things. The elk gave its skin and sinew and the cedar provided the frame. Students were taught to have uy’ sqwaluwun ‘good feelings’ while working with the materials.